Monday, June 6, 2011

Boring rants.

Blogging now. Because there is nothing else to do here on the UST library.
"Social Networking" sites are banned. so yeah. i have no choice but to put up this post.
all rants and all that. haha.:))

First day of 2nd year college. Nothing to be excited about.
1st subject: HETAR. No profesor came. HAHA.
2nd subject: PHL 2 a.k.a Logic. OOOOH. Haha.:DD

LOOOOOOOOOONG Break time. 'Twas so hot outside.

I am actually pretending that I am studying here in the lib. But im not! WTF!!
1st day of classes! No one should be studying yet!:D

But. Yeah. I am determined. I will go get that top spot. SRSLY.

and I will download the Hunger Games trilogy. Bec. i am such a loser I don't know anything about it.

Stop the ranting.

Will go now. Don't know what else to type.:D

Monday, January 31, 2011

I can feel that some of my blockmates are mad at me. I don't know why, but I feel a great amount of
Insecurity whenever I think of them. Maybe I'm too boastful, too proud. I hate it when I know people
are mad at me and I can't do anything about it. I hope they are not mad at me. I hope I'm wrong.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am so lazy to post today.

It's already February. And I am really bummed up with all school works.

-theory adaptation paper, POSITION PAPER. i am so nervous about this.

*research paper
-we're supposed to have our setup this week, so we can test next week. the defnse starts on feb. 22. HOW WILL WE BE ABLE TO DO THAT????

*indus chem documentation
-shooting by the creek in soldier's village

that is not all.

i can't remember everything.

i want to graduate now.




Saturday, September 5, 2009


So, my last post was about the seniors. BEFORE.
Because, as of today,when you say
SENIOR, I will abruptly raise my hand and say "yes??"
That is why I haven't been able to type new posts for the past few months. I have been very busy because of entrance tests, home works, projects and the likes.
But despite of my hectic schedule, I decide to type a new post, inspired by the experiences I happen to encounter whenever I go to school.

First day of the month, first day of classes. WTF!!! Why is DepEd so fukcing stupid?? ARGGHHH!

Anyway, I'm still with my former classmates. There were changes, but we ended up in the Industrial Chemistry elective. We can't do anything, so we decided to endure. face it. Whatever.
As I entered the school, a countdown in my head began. Yay. One day down! A lot more to go!!
I'm so excited. I can't really wait for graduation.
But when I entered the room, Uh-oh. here comes the last year of my high school life.

I know most of my teachers, so I didn't have a problem. Some subjects scared me though. Computer scared me the most. I think it will give me a line of 7. If I'm not careful. Research also scared me. I hated doing papers. and we were about to start with statistics. HUWAAAAAT! wow. I hope to do good. I hope. I pray. I wish.


It's the start of the
Nutrition month celebration. Our president started asking us to draw vegetables and attached it to our locker. Haha.:)) a lot of teachers said we looked like an Kindergarten class. It was so cute.
We also prepared an
aerobics routine. It was so much fun. I gave my best because I really wanted to lose weight. So, I sweated a lot. We all did, and we super enjoyed. The Nutrition Month Celebration ended so successfully, We cannot wait for the other months to arrive,.:)

After that,
SERAPI told us some of his observations. He told us that our batch is good. We just lack something. The spirit of Unity. The batch wasn't one family, not like the former seniors.
So, Seniors Requiem showed up. He was an anonymous spirit, aiming to unite the batch. I love the idea. But his character, was so mysterious. I hope he succeeds though.


Well, August started with a bang. The first weekend was
UPCAT WEEKEND. It was so full of pressure. I thank God for SERAPI, who helped us review. He was so understanding. That week, we also had to pass all projects, catch up on missed lessons, and everything else.

The second week was
PERIODIC TEST WEEK. Fun right? Haha. No. It wasn't fun. Everything was hard. I can't wait to fail.

and so, after all those cramming moments, we were supposed to decorate the whole outside wall with paper flowers, the whole floor with ethnic designs and the likes. The
FILIPINO MONTH CELEBRATION is coming!!! Yay! We will eat again, enjoy, sleep and enjoy!!
but we still had to decorate. Mendol was the OIC of the project. He was so good in it. he managed to do everything, with the cooperation of all the presidents and SENIORS. My section even managed to fill the gym with banderitas! We did it!!!

Actually, when we were doing the whole project, the seniors united. For the first time in our lives, we worked together. as whole
family. At first, we wanted to win the competition, we wanted to prove ourselves. But as we worked together, I realized, it was okay if we don't win. I found a whole new family. I don't have anything to ask for.

There were series of competitions. One was the
Masining na pagkwekwento, where the contestants needed to tell the story of a boy who can't swallow a tablet. Another contest was the Balagtasan, where three people have to memorize their parts in a somewhat kind of play. Talumpatian was the contest where the contestants wrote their piece, and orated it on stage. There was Madamdaming pagbasa ng Tula, where the contestants recited a poem with feelings. The last contest was Apatang pag- awit. i joined this contest. Together with three others. We had to sing three folk songs. Keren, being an expert in voicings, did almost everything. I was so proud of myself and my group. We had an amazing time practicing. We had so much fun. We won this contest. First place. We got medals for it. YAY!

so as the
Culminating day came, the seniors prepared this dance for the judges. they stood on the floral float, danced to the tune of Kadayawan, but the judges did not see it. They passed when we were not yet ready. So, in the end, we ended up second place. But. we still had fun.

So, eating time!!
Goldstein ate with Joule. It was so much fun!! They had a lot of food, which they shared with us. We also shared ours, we had our stomachs full of laughs and food.

after eating, we partied. We danced with the other sections. Played super fun games. And enjoyed the whole day. The money, the tiring days, they were all worth it.

We ended cleaning up. We had a great time. That's the reason why, we didn't really care about the results. We ended up saying,

Masaya ba sila? Nagenjoy ba sila? ng lahatan, hindi per section? Hinde! tayo lang ang nagenjoy. Nagshare ng food at ng pictures. Panalo na tayo, dun pa lang. E ano kung sila ung nanalo, hinde naman sila ang nag- isip ng concept nila. Tayo, c Mendol ang nag- isip. Mas panalo pa rin tayo. Kasi. may pamilya tayo, sa labas ng kanya kanya nating classrooms.:)

And, the next month. is to follow.

Seniors Requiem told us who he is. He still uses that account. He succeeded anyway.


Friday, March 27, 2009

goodbyes and see you laters. anyway, congratulations.

The first batch of scholars in PCSHS graduated already.

I was there, and I saw all of them. Crying, and saying goodbyes to each other.

and as I see them all, I wondered what my life would be the next school year.

Mondays usually start with a flag ceremony, where I would see the seniors blocking the gates of Rainforest. they would usually chat loudly, and stop when the morning prayer starts.

Usually, whenever we join a contest, one from their batch wins. So the heads would begin calling their names, and congratulate them.

and then, recess time approaches. You would see them in the canteen, with their groups of friends. It's always fun to look at them, because their friendship is stronger, stronger than anything we could imagine.


and now, they left already.

No more of the names and congratulations called every morning.
no more of the heartthrobs or the beauty queens.
no more of the great performances from the dancers..
the singers..
the bands..

i don't really know why I feel this way. or why i am even writing this post.
maybe because, for three years, we were with them.

I don't know if I really enjoyed their presence.
the reason for this is because we all know that the juniors and seniors are rivals. Always.
But, I never thought of this before.

I never considered them as rivals, but older brothers and sisters.
There may be times that I thought that some of them are really proud and boastful.

But, most of the time, I can say that I look up to them.
I was always amazed on how they can make fun of everything despite the hassles of schoolworks and all their problems.
they always seem to pull great performances even if they still have to review for a quiz or an exam is coming up.
and what is more amazing is that, they managed to graduate from my school, with pride and honor.

Great, right?

Yes, I always thought that they were great.

great in many many ways.

So to those who Pascians who will read this post, never ever forget them.
they are the pioneers of our school.
the first owners of our books, and the first settlers of our school.

to our first alumni.

you fulfilled your job.
you did it well. you were a role model to me.
and now that you're gone, the times i shared with you will be surely cherished by my heart.

i just hope I got to know a lot of you more.
I realized that it was also hard for me to let you go, because I won't have people to look up to anymore.


good luck to them.

to all of them.

May you never forget your alma mater.


Friday, January 30, 2009

what happened to my life.

It's almost the end of the school year, and i haven't really posted something great about my new found friends.

You know how they say that
junior life is the most exciting part of your high school? I believed that, so I really expected a lot. But, all my hopes were not met. because I really had a hard time.

Imagine having three science subjects, with
CHEMISTRY as your major. WTF! It's as if you put yourself on fire, and wait for yourself to burn.

But, besides the subjects, there are other things that made my life hard.
Our covers were blown. Someone realized we don't like her, and that's true. I admit that. But, whenever I meet her, we exchange cold glances against each other, as if we don't know each other. Well, that's fine with me.
I don't really care anyway.

Also, I found friends who were very different from my friends in the past years of my high school life. This year, I encountered three kinds of problems with them.

They were inlove. or so they thought. I don't really believe them, because I believe in a deeper meaning of love.
Infatuation. That's what they call it. and most of them, they are infatuated, with who? I can't tell.
But I ride with them. I share advices(even if I don't really think it can help, i just base it form the shows on tv, thinking life is a great teleserye), I joke with them, and even admitted that I was inlove with someone.

I just realized that I wasn't. I was too young for those kind of things, and school is more important to me than having crying moments. I proved myself to be

More so, my classmates also experienced a lot about
school, so I helped. In every way I can. I was ranked 1 in our class, so this is the moment. I was sure I can help. So i tried. But I disappointed myself. I was not able to help. Maybe in little things, but I never really made a difference.

So i stopped volunteering. I was offering help, but you need to come to me. You need me right? you come ask.

I also had another question this year. what's with
DOTA? It's some kind of game I don't really understand, but they risk money in order to just play. WTF! they were failing already, and yet they still prioritize it. Stupid right? I have tried a lot of ways to stop them, but i guess, it's already a reason to enter a rehab. It's called ADDICTION.

So. two down, one to go.
Friends. I have found new friends, and I was a bit culture shocked when i met them. They were not that serious in studying, unless really needed.
So I tried to blend in, and I did. actually, I did not have a hard time in doing so.

Everything was alright, until these people grew apart from each other. The originals weren't together anymore, and it seems that, they were just lying to each other.

I don't think people like that can be called
best friends. Maybe classmates, but never best friends, or true friends.

I also don't like the idea of being involved in such big issues without hearing the side of teh other party. I listen to both sides before I make a decision.

It's hard to take sides, especially when you are in the middle.

So, in summarization, my junior life was bombarded with problems, not even my own.

and i had

It was ahrd, everything is, but still I'm
glad to have my people.


Friday, December 5, 2008

so long.

it's been a while since i last published a post, and a lot of things happened to me since then.

i don't know what to type here. but i guess i have to keep the happenings a secret first.

till i become unbusy!