Monday, June 6, 2011

Boring rants.

Blogging now. Because there is nothing else to do here on the UST library.
"Social Networking" sites are banned. so yeah. i have no choice but to put up this post.
all rants and all that. haha.:))

First day of 2nd year college. Nothing to be excited about.
1st subject: HETAR. No profesor came. HAHA.
2nd subject: PHL 2 a.k.a Logic. OOOOH. Haha.:DD

LOOOOOOOOOONG Break time. 'Twas so hot outside.

I am actually pretending that I am studying here in the lib. But im not! WTF!!
1st day of classes! No one should be studying yet!:D

But. Yeah. I am determined. I will go get that top spot. SRSLY.

and I will download the Hunger Games trilogy. Bec. i am such a loser I don't know anything about it.

Stop the ranting.

Will go now. Don't know what else to type.:D